From Traditional Print Readers To Cyber Jazz Fans, You Reach Them All With Hot House Jazz Magazine!

We are the only publication dedicated to jazz, offering a full range of media to capture your targeted audience:

Printed monthly magazine solely focused on what is happening the month it comes out. Your ad is read by thousands of jazz fan counting on us to make their entertainment plans. From advertiser John Malatesta - Managing Director of Baruch Performing Arts Center, previously Marketing Director at Tribeca Performing Arts Center: “I personally know that Hot House Magazine is what the jazz fans read. I have seen the audience members in the lobby at Jack Kleinsinger’s [Highlights in Jazz] concerts grab Hot House and pass over the other magazines. Plus, tickets for my jazz concerts have always sold incredibly well through my Hot House advertising... Hot House is truly the leading jazz magazine in NYC!!!”.

Online publication with daily calendars and editorial reminders. Your banner is posted on all the pages and viewed at every click. From Catherine R. Laporte from CatzPR - "Thank you for your swift and immediate action in helping to promote the show... With only a few days before the show the advertising campaign that you suggested [online banner and e-blast] had immediate and positive impact on event ticket sales and day of event attendance.

App including calendars sorted by date, location, artist, venue, and many other valuable features. Your ad is on the menu page, impossible for users to miss.

E-alert customized message sent to our reader data.  Your dedicated email is read all over the world by jazz fans and professionals alike.

Insert a flyer that accompanies each issue. Your insert is delivered to 1,000+ loyal readers. Mailed to our paying subscribers.

Social Media postings to our fan base. Your message read by all our “likes” and “followers”.

MULTIPLE TOOLS: from traditional to digital world

ONE GOAL: sell out your event

ONE NAME: Hot House Jazz


Pay for your ad online!

Pay for your ad


Print Advertising

Rates & Dimensions

  • Black is the price per insertion for a black and white ad
  • Red is the price per insertion for a color ad
Ad Size
1 Time Rate
2 Time Rate/month
4 Time Rate/month
12 Time Rate/month
Full Page
$1,050 / $1,450
$1,000 / $1,400
$950 / $1,350
$850 / $1,250
1/2 Page
$650 / $950
$600 / $900
$550 / $850
$500 / $800
1/4 Page
$450 / $650
$400 / $600
$350 / $550
$300 / $500
1/8 Page
$350 / $500
$300 / $450
$250 / $400
$200 / $350



Deadline: 15th of the month prior. Preferred Art Work: Press Ready PDF.  

Online Advertising

www.HotHouseJazz.com utilizes a technology that gives all our advertisers maximum exposure time. As an advertiser, you want your banner to be placed on all the pages, getting the most visibility possible. www.HotHouseJazz.com does exactly that by using a rotating system. Your ad will be displayed on all the pages, everywhere our sliders are. Your ad will also be displayed on the menu page of every user who downloads our app for maximum impact.


Vertical Banner $80.00 month. Horizontal Banner $100.00 per month. $60 one-time production fee for each new banner, regardless of the duration of its run.

Dimensions:  Vertical 160 x 320 | Horizontal 400 x 150







      Specifications Deadline - 24 hours from the time you send your ad until its appearance on our website. Preferred art work - .jpg format. Provide the website of your choice to which your banner will be linked.


Rate: $80 per e-mail. Specifications: Provide a .jpg attachment and the website of your choice to which the email will be linked.


Rate: $300. Dimensions: 5.5 X 8.5. Already folded if needed. Specifications: Deadline - 18th of the month prior.

Social Media

Rate: $60 per posting. Specifications: Provide a .jpg file. Deadline - 48 hours before posting date

Moving forward with 33 years of experience in the New York’s jazz scene!

For more information, contact Gwen Calvier E-Mail: gwen@hothousejazz.com Toll free phone: (888) 899-8007