To say that Stephane Wrembel is a virtuoso doesn't begin to describe the rich and nuanced guitar playing that he’s famous for, or the brilliance on display in his steady stream of musical compositions. Growing up in France, surrounded by the colorful Gypsy Jazz guitar music made famous by Django Reinhardt, Stephane has devoted his career to the perpetuation of that music. He has also added his own original voice to the mix, enriching the genre. A composer, performer and educator, Stephane has released seventeen albums, including his most recent, Triptych. Stephane also produces Django a GoGo, an annual music festival. At his Town Hall concert, Django Reinhardt's grandson Simba Baumgartner will perform, as will Angelo Debarre and his world-famous Gypsy jazz trio. At the Maplewood concerts, Stephane performs new compositions that merge the Gypsy style with New Orleans jazz. Check out for a more complete breakdown of event details and performer listings. JZ

Photo Credit: Lawrence Sumulong

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